I may have found a new influence for my work. George Hurrell was a revolutionary photographer in the 1930’s and 40’s because of his dramatic lighting style and meticulous touchups of negatives. His aim was to make every model look absolutely flawless. Because he photographed all of the big-name actresses in Hollywood, it transformed the way motion pictures were filmed and lit too. Stars didn’t want to look any less perfect than they did in Hurrell’s photos!

Hurrell’s work is breathtakingly beautiful:

Simone Simon
Jean Harlow
Judy Garland
Rita Hayworth
Jane Russell

Anyway, one of my friends, Colette, has approached me to photograph one of her stage characters in this style. I’m excited to try it out, since I’ve already been working on my spotlight technique. The touchup work is going to be all new to me, but it should be fun to learn some new things.