I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today, which invariably gets me in a lot of trouble. In particular, I’ve been thinking about the fact that it’s been 10 years since Kurt Kobain, singer and songwriter for Nirvana died. I do remember that back in 1994, I thought, “Another angsty musician kills himself,” and then forgot about it. I’ve recently gotten more interested in it since there has been a lot of discussion lately that it maybe wasn’t a suicide, and that there were a number of people who might have benefited from his death. Popular suspects include his messed-up wife, Courtney Love, and his record company.

Anyway, it all comes back to me, of course, because this is my journal. 😛 I was wondering about what would happen if I died. I’m not saying I’m even remotely suicidal, but let’s say I died in some unspectacular way, like falling down the stairs. How would people know? Obviously there wouldn’t be any new journal entries or deviations from me. I’d probably not sign into MSN. I would just be gone. That thought is very strange to me. I wish I could shake it out of my head. It makes me think I should leave a note somewhere for my family to find so they can post a message on my journal if I die. But that would be creepy.

Anyway, that’s my random morbid thought for the day. :nod: