It was dripping with cool, as could be expected. We find out the name of the Bride, which turns out to be of no consequence. However, that’s not surprising, since the movie is so light on plot that barely anything that happens is of any consequence. It was almost like Tarantino withheld the Bride’s name simply because he could. We also see a lot of the back story, filling in the motivations for the Bride.

The blend of styles, as in the first movie, was exquisite. It’s visually stunning, in many ways. Tarantino seems to be going with a good ol’ American army “Shock and Awe” treatment here. Volume 1 was all about shock: spouting blood and flying heads; Volume 2 was about the awe, the “Ooooohh… I get it” moments. And Volume 2 provided an abundance of tense, irony-laden dialogue that makes Tarantino films so fun: characters slowly explaining to each other how and why they’re going to kill each other, etc.

A couple things that surprised me:

– Uma Thurman has acting talent. She conveyed the changing and varied emotions of her character quite skillfully.
– The movie turned into a twisted love story.

Anyway, I’m sure there are more, but I’m reluctant to give away too much here. Go see it!