I heard an interview today with Dr. Madan Kataria, a doctor from India. He has started up this thing called the Laughter Club. He goes around leading workshops on laughter yoga, a type of yoga that teaches people to laugh. It sounds really strange, but apparently the combination of breathing exercises and laughter exercises actually works! In fact, as he was laughing during the interview, it made me smile, and occasionally laugh for no reason. 🙂 He says you don’t need a reason to laugh. Adults laugh from their brains, whereas children laugh from their hearts. This is why children laugh 400 times per day, and adults only laugh 15 times per day. Adults seem to need to judge, and analyze whether something is “funny” before laughing at it. By learning childlike playfulness, we can all laugh more from our hearts. The bonus is, people who laugh more feel better, have fewer health problems, and consequently live longer. It was refreshing to hear his cheerful outlook, amidst a world full of worries and pain.

Anyway, I just wish I could get people to come directly from a laughter workshop to one of my improv shows. It would make my job soooo much easier. 😛