Right now, I’m inspired by billionaire Mark Cuban. Not because he’s rich, because there are a lot of rich people out there, but because he’s got the right attitude about life. He makes money because he’s good at what he does: spotting opportunities and working hard to realize his dreams. He’s got passion for everything he does.

I saw an interview with him last night on 60 Minutes. He’s got a childlike enthusiasm. He’s outspoken and brash, yet charismatic and down to earth. After selling his first computer company to Compuserve for $30 million, and then his first Internet company to Yahoo for over $5 billion, he bought the Dallas Mavericks, a struggling NBA basketball team. He turned the team around and now it sells out every single game. Mark Cuban is in the front row at every game, yelling and screaming at the referees. He continuously gets fined by the league for his outrageous behaviour, and he matches all his fines with donations to charities.

Anyway, I was shocked to find he has a blog! He offers stories from his past, and inspirational advice. It’s cool that someone as busy as Mark Cuban would have time to share the secrets of his success. Then again, this is the guy who publicizes his private email address, and then answers messages from fans during half-time of every Mavericks games. Right now he’s having a bit of a public feud with Donald Trump, which is cool.

I doubt I’ll ever be as rich as Mark Cuban, and I don’t really think I want to be. But I think I can learn a lot from his enthusiastic approach to life.