This week is kind of floaty. I don’t have a lot of appointments booked, but I know that my days will still be busy. I’m catching up on the very neglected non-scheduled items on my to do list. There’s a certain amount of slack time in my life this week, which makes me uneasy. I’m used to being on the go for every second of the day, whether it’s fun or work or whatever. Now, I’m finding that I’m actually able to watch TV instead of just listening to it. You wouldn’t believe the garbage that’s on TV these days! Shameless was on. I think I survived two minutes of this before feeling sick about society. They were paying people $50 to wear a diaper and uh… use it. Then the people showed the camera the results of their work. 🙁 I think this is one of the first signs that civilization is finally ending, that mankind will disappear, and that insects will once again rule the Earth.

But, the thing that is making me happy is that it’s now so sunny that I have to wear sunglasses both on the way to and on the way back from work. :dance: