Went to the improv jam last night as part of my “Do More Improv” initiative. There was a very small turnout, which means I got to do tons of improv. There were only four participants, including me, so I was in almost every scene. Two cool things happened too… I talked to the owner of the Staircase for a while after the show about cameras and running a business in Hamilton. That was nice. I also got asked to host a few future improv jams. This should be a fun teaching/learning experience for me, especially if we start getting the kind of numbers that we were getting a few weeks ago. Sometimes we’d have up to 25 people in the group, which is awesome for jamming, and lots of fun for the beginners who just want a little bit of stage time.

This morning we had an Affirmative Action practice. On the way there, I stopped to get gas. As I was washing the windshield, a piece of hail the size of a golf ball fell out of the sky and exploded on the hood of my car. It was slightly… surprising. A major hail storm started right after that. The rain and hail was so thick at one point that I couldn’t see past the front of my own car. It made me grin. I love driving in crazy weather. 😛

At practice, Gary Reid coached us through some great exercises. We did a split-screen scene in which Mart and I faced forwards on opposite sides of the stage and carried out the scene without being able to see each other. I want to teach this one too, because it really helps people pay attention to what the other person’s saying, and also encourages detailed environment work. I was encouraged to play loud characters today. It’s not my usual style, but I think i found a few great new things to try on stage.

On my way in, I ran into my neighbour who’s a high school basketball coach. He wants to hire me to take some team photos next week. That’s a new thing for me too. Today is the day of new things, I think. 🙂