It’s weird, but being at work is making me feel better. I think I felt purposeless all weekend, feeling like I was getting nothing done. Perhaps the fact that it was a holiday weekend made it more difficult to actually get in the mood to do things. Yet, when I look back, I did a lot of things. And when I did them, everything seemed fine. I had a show on Thursday night, a show on Friday night, a photoshoot on Saturday morning with Maggie and her brother Matt (both excellent people :)) lunch with dad and sister, prepared and posted the sister/brother photos, dinner and hanging out with a friend on Saturday night, lunch with dad and sister Sunday morning, self-portrait experiment photos Sunday afternoon and then family dinner on Sunday night. So, many things happened, but I can’t explain why it seemed like nothing happened. Anyway, it’s fading away now. I am back at work, with a solid week ahead, filled with office-closing planning, two photoshoots on Tuesday night for photos that need to be ready and burned to file by Thursday, a show on Thursday night, and Kill Bill Vol:2 on Friday night. :bounce: