Wow I did a lot of things yesterday. Woke up and went to the gym at 8, then to work. I got a message from a client that their Internet was down and no one in the office could do any work because they need the Internet. I grabbed a spare router from home and headed to Oakville to take care of it. Then I went to Toronto to plug in someone’s USB card reader because they couldn’t do it themselves. Then I came back to the office to deal with the rest of the day. Traffic was bad yesterday for some reason.

Last night there were two photoshoots immediately after work. In 20 minutes I managed to cook and eat dinner while simultaneously packing up all lighting equipment and camera stuff. When I got to the Staircase for the shoot, I found out that there was a meeting scheduled in the theatre where we planned to shoot, but they might have the meeting in the cafe instead. I had to wait 45 minutes before they figured that out, but in the end we got into the theatre.

The shoots went pretty well, even though I felt seriously exhausted and uninspired. I managed to tip over one of my light stands. Fortunately the only thing that was damaged was the modeling lamp light bulb. That’s a relief, since it’s just a regular light bulb. If the flash tube broke I’d be in serious trouble. I should buy some spare flash tubes, just in case.

After the shoots I had to come home immediately and process the images for uploading. The final images are due tomorrow, so the clients need time to see them. I finished that at about 2 and collapsed in bed.

Today will be another long day with lots of travelling and work. I think it will be easier than yesterday though. 🙂

Oh… in my spare time yesterday I set up a new polling system that’s faster and better looking than the last. :nod: