Yesterday felt like an overview of my entire life. It seemed like I did something to address each of the different parts of my life. The schedule:

9:00AM – Met Patti Overgaard to discuss glassware photos. She’s happy with them.
9:30AM – Met Colette to talk about improv stuff.
10:30AM – Got a call from a TV producer at CHTV wanting me to be on a panel discussing spam email control.
1:00PM – Photographed a house for a real estate agent. Here is one of the shots from the basement.

2:30PM – Repaired virus damage at a new client’s office.
3:45PM – Taped TV interview at CHTV.
8:00PM – Improv drop-in class at Staircase Theatre.
10:00PM – Watched Open Mic Night in the cafe.
12:30AM – Worked on house photos.

Anyway, it felt like a full day. The TV part was kind of fun. The interviewer was Mark Hebscher, who I used to watch every night when I was in high school. He had a great show called Sportsline on Global, and my friends and I used to love it. He pioneered the saying “Yes, guy!” and we used to say it all the time. 😀

Manyk was kind enough to encode the show into Windows Media Video for me, since my own attempts failed miserably. 😐