Today was a long day. It was endless meetings from morning to evening. I didn’t mind though. The pace was decent, and relaxed. I wasn’t stressing about trying to get back to the office at a specific time, because I knew my “office” could wait. Plus, the meetings were very productive. I had a strategy meeting with the IT guy from my biggest client. He’s a techie dreamer, and I’m the reality guy. He explained their vision for going forward, and it was my job to provide the details for how it would be done. I really like this kind of work, doing complicated work for people with big dreams and deep pockets. To be able to conduct these meetings in my living room is a bonus too.

There were two other meetings today. One with a new client, and another troubleshooting session with an older client. I still seem to be tied up with computer work, and photography is getting pushed aside, but I guess this is how it will be for the next few months until I get stabilized and get my schedule figured out.