I haven’t felt much like writing in here lately. I guess I’m not big on complaining about stuff, and I definitely didn’t want to weigh down my blog with complaints. So, I just decided not to say much at all instead. I’ve been trying to remember the good things that have been happening in the last couple of days. Things are generally good. I was talking to a girl on Sunday night who happens to be a jazz pianist. I found out she actually performs regularly at the Staircase Theatre. Funny how I can be so absorbed in improv that I don’t even notice some of the other interesting things happening there. Since I’m feeling lately that I’m missing something in my life, I decided to check out the live music tonight. It’s an open mic night on Wednesdays, and there were a lot of talented amateur musicians out there. I met some cool people. Meeting new people is always good. I say that now, although one time, in a meeting, I accidentally said, “Most people already know more people than they want to know,” and people looked at me funny. It was kind of a slip. The woman beside me said, “Your life must be more interesting than mine.” Yeeeeaaaahhh.

Anyway, about open mic night… now I’m thinking that maybe I might even play some piano there some time in the future. That might be kinda fun. At the very least it will give me some incentive to practice. :nod:

I got a call yesterday from out of nowhere. A girl wants me to do her headshots. She doesn’t know me. I have no idea where she got my name or number, but she liked my website and has decided that I’m going to do her headshots. That’s a warm fuzzy feeling. Most of my photography jobs are from referrals so far, and probably come from someone saying, “I know this guy who can take photos for you…” or something. That’s the easiest way to get business, because it gets over the trust barrier a lot faster. So having a complete stranger call and trust me is a big step for my photo career. 🙂