skinny dad cute mom Ok, I’ve gotten pretty bad at this journal-updating thing. Life has been very eventful but uninteresting lately. Lots of shows, photography and work happening since the last time I wrote in here. However, none of it was any different from what usually happens. Just read old entries from my journal, and that should pretty much tell you the story.

So far, I have two shoots booked this week. I’m shooting Scrambled Leggs tonight. They’re coming to Hamilton for the shoot, so no more lugging equipment to Toronto for them. And tomorrow night I’m shooting a continuation of my Femme Elemental series with a new model, Kamellia.

Anyway, the real reason I decided to make this entry is because I got a cool photo in email from my cousin Susie in Alberta. She somehow has these wedding photos of my mom and dad. I thought I’d share them. Does my dad look like me? I think he was younger than me when they got married. And much skinnier. 😐 My mom was pretty. :nod: