Jen is here! I picked her up from the airport today. It’s amazing to finally meet her in real life, only after having become such close friends. I was quite nervous about meeting her, and I don’t even know why. I don’t often get nervous. Maybe it’s the fact that this person I’ve never met in real life was suddenly going to be changing my life by living with me until the end of November. It’s definitely not normal, but then again, since when do I do things normally? 😛

I only had to wait at the airport for about five minutes before she came out, and it felt like an eternity. But after spending just a few minutes with her I knew it was going to be fine. My first impression is that Jen is exactly as she is online. It’s funny how real life translates to online life. Anyway, I’m excited about showing Jen what it’s like to be Canadian, and getting to know a great friend even better. 🙂