I have been putting off writing the description and my bio info for my upcoming exhibition. I couldn’t wait any longer though. I have a meeting today with the lady who helped me get this gig, so I have to have something to give her. I hate writing this stuff, because it feels like bragging. But, I also understand the importance of self-promotion. Here it is. Please let me know if you can suggest any changes or additions, because I’ll have time to modify it in the next few weeks. 🙂

An Exhibition of Photographs by Kevin Thom
Elemental is a collection of dramatic conceptual photographs by ultra-realist photographer Kevin Thom. In each image, Thom distills the essence of his subject into a single, special element, supported by pose, classical composition, and theatrical lighting. Thom’s photographs tread the surprisingly narrow border between ultra-realism and surrealism. In a series of emotional portraits and anthropomorphic still lifes, Elemental examines the broad themes of femininity and sensuality, nature, water, and the play of light.

About Kevin Thom
Kevin Thom is a 31-year old photographer from Hamilton, Ontario. He has been fascinated by photography since his father gave him his first camera—a manual focus viewfinder Zeiss Ikon—at the age of 12. Thom now shoots and processes all of his photos digitally. Although he took some photojournalism courses in university, he is largely self-taught.

Thom’s conceptual and artistic style is “ultra-realism,” which attempts to draw the viewer’s eye to a specific detail or element of the subject through the use of shallow depth of field, dramatic lighting, and careful composition. Thom’s goal is to apply ultra-realism to showcase the often-unnoticeable beauty of everyday things.

Thom’s greatest photographic inspirations are theatrical portrait masters like Karsh and Hurrell. He also takes inspiration from the dramatic lighting techniques of Hollywood films.

Thom’s professional photography practice specializes in glamour and portraiture, model and actor headshots and portfolio work, as well as commercial product shots.

Thom contributes articles, critique, and photographs regularly to several online photography resources, including photosig.com, deviantart.com and his own digital photography portal, justpixels.ca.