Yeah I know I’ve been negligent about journal-writing. It’s unexplainable. The weekend has been busy, of course, as it always is. I got up early on Friday to do some work visiting clients. Then Jen and I drove to Gravenhurst to take a dinner boat cruise that was put on by one of my suppliers. Well, we didn’t intend to drive to Gravenhurst. We were supposed to get a bus ride, but we drove all the way to Markham and got there 20 minutes late… just in time to see the bus leave without us. Yeeaaah. So we drove another 2 hours to Gravenhurst and barely made it in time to catch the boat. The cruise was nice. It was on Lake Muskoka and we looked at a lot of ridiculously expensive cottages.

On Saturday I met a client at home in the morning, then had the devmeet in the afternoon. :dance: :boogie: It was good to see some of my favorite deviants there. 🙂 After the devmeet I drove to Mississauga to Nick’s housewarming party. It was great to see that bunch of friends too. I didn’t get back until after 2, and then stayed up talking to Jen until about 4. She’s a bad influence on me! 😛 hehe

I had a shoot on Sunday with my little cousin Lauren. Her agent didn’t like the last series of headshots I took of her, and wanted some new ones. Ok. Anyway, I got the photos done, and they’re not exciting, but whatever. This agent’s main problem is that she didn’t like looking at the proofs online. She wanted to have an actual contact sheet. I explained to her that the contact sheet is gonna suck, and that the online versions are bigger and clearer, but obviously she wants it done her way. So, gotta print and ship the stupid contact sheet to them. 🙁 Maybe I’ll send a brain to her as well. Clearly she needs it.