It feels like work is slowly beating me to death. The last few jobs have been hell, each taking far longer than expected, usually by several hours. So, I’m always rushing from site to site, being late, not eating, etc. I guess this is to be the pace of my new life for a while, but I was pretty much fed up with it by last night. It was a relief to get to the theatre to do a new kind of show, Classic Theatresports. Classic Theatresports is similar to what we usually do, but there’s a referee and audience scoring of the scenes. It was kind of fun. My only complaint is that there were too many “handles” used, like “play the scene backwards” or “this audience member gets to yell out STOP! PLAY! REWIND!” It made the scenes a bit awkward, but the audience enjoyed it I think.

After the show, Nada, Fiona, KPR and I went to see The Day After Tomorrow. This movie was loud, stupid and devoid of meaning, but strangely fun, kind of like anonymous sex. There were plot holes bigger than continental weather systems, and unintentionally funny, stupid dialog that made me laugh out loud more than once. It tried very hard to make a political and environmental statement, but the silliness of the pseudo-science used to back it up just made me think, “Thank God the world isn’t really like that so I can continue safely burning fossil fuels!” Anyway, I can forgive that in a movie. Real science isn’t always entertaining. I think movies need the latitude to bend the rules in the name of fun. Otherwise, we might as well stay home and watch the Discovery Channel instead. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.