I did notes for last night’s Classic Theatresports show. In the past I have been criticized for giving notes that were too harsh, and making people unhappy. However, in those cases, I felt that person needed to be told about their bad habits. How can someone improve if they’re being coddled? Besides, now that notes sessions are only open to performers in the show, there’s no risk of publicly humiliating someone. Honesty works best in these situations. I believe in the Sopranos method of management: Praise in public; squeeze in private.

That being said, last night’s show was AWESOME! It was one of the best shows I’ve seen so far at the Staircase. The production had a very smooth and professional feel, from lights and sound to the conduct of the performers on stage. Improvisors were listening and reacting to each other, making big, funny choices that raised the stakes with every line. Environment work was excellent. Energy was high but controlled. Everyone played positive, which is always fun to watch. The audience was big and noisy. They were killing themselves laughing, and having the time of their lives. I had very little to criticize about this show. I hope that this carries over to this month’s upcoming shows. 🙂