allison I just invented the word. I needed a subject, so why not make up a new word? Anyway, life lately has been pretty relaxing in general. The weather is beautiful, and I’m taking it easy at work so I have more time to get Jen familiar with the city and her new environment. We’ve spent a lot of time visiting different places, and making my home girl-friendly. For instance, I bought this three-shelf cart thing for storing girl bathroom stuff. Before this week, I only had to find a place for my one extra bar of soap, and a few disposable shavers. Now things are a bit more complicated. We also hunted down some foods and drinks that would make her feel more at home. Anyway, it’s a fun process, and in between we’re spending a lot of time talking about photography and movies and stuff.

I’m starting to ramp up my normal life again though. I’ve booked an increasing number of work appointments for later on this week. It’s also a pretty full week of improv too. I’m teaching a drop-in workshop on Wednesday night, and also performing in the “Battle of the Sexes” Theatresports show on Thursday night.

Tonight I had two shoots scheduled. The first was a paid headshot shoot. The girl didn’t bother to show up, or phone to cancel. So, yeah. I had a couple extra hours to lie on the couch and watch TV. At least I got to eat dinner too. The second shoot was with Allison, who’s a girl I’ve wanted to photograph for a while since I met her at the theatre. She’s uniquely beautiful, with a look that is filled with contrasts, and eyes like an anime character. I reserved tonight to shoot her for my Femme Elemental series. The photo of her in this journal is not for the series, but I thought it was a nice portrait of her. I got quite a few shots that are suitable for the series, but not many of them show her whole face.

Anyway, I’m heading to bed. I’ve been up late for the last couple of nights. Tomorrow is a gym day so I want to be at least a little bit alive. 🙂