Since starting improv, I’ve been approached a couple of times to audition for acting roles. I’ve always ignored them. I’m not sure why I’m reluctant to go. I don’t have any formal acting training. All of my training is in improv, which is different in many ways. Anyway, I got a really nice invitation to audition. This time it’s more personal, and I’m intrigued by the idea. I think I’m gonna try out for it:

Hi Kevin,
I originally tried to contact you about needing some improv/sketch players
to act out some comic vignettes for my educational video on Canadian
government. The game-plan has changed, and at the moment I’m not considering
using “comic vignettes,” but i am looking for two “hosts” for the video.
These are payed jobs. I’ve seen you perform at the Staircaase, and I would
really love for you to consider trying out for this part. I need a male and
a female, both young, high energy, eloquent readers/speakers. You will need
to read (from memory, or from teleprompter) the script (not really any room
for adlib) on camera, hot lights, etc. If you are interested, reply, and we
can set up a time to meet.