Well, we tried to do a Saturday Night Jive show last night, but there wasn’t enough of an audience to make it worthwhile. To make matters worse, there were barely enough cast members present to perform. The problem is that KPR doesn’t have time to produce this show in addition to all the other stuff he’s doing. He’s asked me to produce the show, but I’m sure that I won’t do much better because of my own time constraints. I really don’t want to take on another job if I don’t think I can do it well. Anyway, all of this is a bit depressing because I know it can be a great show.

Today I had a photo shoot with a high school basketball team. We wanted to shoot these photos at the end of the school year in the gym, which would have made a lot of sense. But, the coach couldn’t arrange it. So, we ended up at Sam Lawrence Park, which is on the mountain, overlooking the city. I was nervous about shooting these because the only time he could get everyone together was at 3:30 in the afternoon, meaning ugly afternoon light. But, since there was no choice, I agreed to the shoot. Because of the time of day, the sky in the background turned out plain and boring white. I was feeling pretty meh about the photos. Anyway, before I left, I shot a few underexposed photos of the sky in hopes of bringing out some of the blue and the clouds. I then processed these in Capture One to really emphasize the color. I’m really glad I did, because it was pretty easy to punch them into the group photos, replacing the white skies. Normally, I don’t like doing this kind of manip, because it’s messing with nature a bit more than I’m comfortable with. But, in this case, I was desperate. 😛 It really makes a big difference, I think.

boring white sky

skies are blue!