Jen wanted pasta with Alfredo sauce, so I looked it up on the web. Seems like the recipe is mainly heavy cream, butter, egg yolks, olive oil and grated cheese. Oh yeah… there’s a touch of salt and nutmeg in there too. I think I’d be too guilty to make something like that, knowing that one meal of it would stop my heart instantly. But it’s damn good, I must admit. So, I compromised by buying some pre-made stuff in a jar. This was not necessarily because the pre-made stuff is less death-inducing, but mainly because I won’t know exactly what’s in it. It was very delicious, when mixed with fetuccini and sauted chicken (I cooked the chicken with white wine, olive oil and garlic). Sadly, I believe I’m addicted. So, in the future, you’ll recognize me as being a) fat; b) dead from coronary failure. 😛