I’ve been doing some thinking about photography lately, particularly about the philosophy behind the art. Going to the library was very useful. I picked up a few books. I avoided getting the books about technique and lighting and stuff. I was more interested in books that could improve the depth of my work. My commercial photography is a bit empty, but that’s the way it needs to be I think. Headshots of shiny, happy people and stuff like that. But for my own art I want to refine my communication skills. One of the books I got was the memoirs of Karsh, which is very interesting so far. He was a great writer, and reading about his perspective and life history gives me some insight into how he captured such wonderful portraits. I also grabbed a book of essays about photography. The topics are things like “The Manipulated Photograph” and “Photography and Desire.” I’ve got so many books to read now. mmmmm learning 🙂