Ok my blog stopped working for a while today, and then mysteriously started working again. I did all I could to troubleshoot it, but I couldn’t figure it out. It was weird, since all of my other sites are working, including www and portfolio. 😐 Anyway, it started working again all by itself. So, problem solved. :shrug:

Today was interesting. I went to Toronto to a beach volleyball party. It was at Ashbridges Bay Beach, which has something like 80 volleyball courts, all packed with players in skimpy swimwear. My team was made up of me and three cocktail waitresses in the smallest bikinis ever made. We didn’t win any games, because the girls didn’t know how to play, and I was mildly distracted. Yeah.

After the party, I went to visit my friend Andrea and her second baby. They already have a first baby, who’s only about two years-old. So, Andrea’s got her hands full, definitely. I think it will be cool for her two daughters to grow up being so close in age. Already, the older daughter is trying to help feed the baby by offering her food and spoons. Very cute.

I rushed back to Hamilton after that to do the Saturday Night Jive show. It was pretty fun, and funny too. The audience is starting to build for this show. We had about 10 people tonight. Not too bad for limited promotion. Hopefully it will continue to grow. 🙂