Yeah I know. I said I’d be better about updating my journal, and I haven’t. I guess I just haven’t had much to say lately. A lot of stuff has been happening, but I in general didn’t feel like talking about it. It’s much of the usual, I guess. Shows, photos, work. Seems a bit empty lately.

I’ve got a couple of shoots upcoming, including coverage of the Toronto International Improv Festival. Last year I used my regular zoom lens, which was ok, but not perfect for the job. I found this one though:

canon deliciousness

… which WOULD be entirely perfect. But, it’s a bit expensive. I’ve been working hard to rationalize it. It would make it possible to do full-length outdoor fashion photography with really nice blurry backgrounds. It would also let me do some sports photography, which is something I’ve been offered recently. Anyway, I had breakfast with a business colleague, who reminded me that I save that much in one month in rent alone by working from home, so I should invest in myself and get the stupid lens already. So, I’m pretty close to ordering it. Just waiting for some more price quotes…

I hope you are all well. 🙂

** Edit: I ordered it. The lowest priced place was in Vancouver, and decided that they didn’t want to take credit card. They would only accept email money order or Interac. They wouldn’t order the lens from Canon until they got my payment. It’s a matter of trust, I suppose. Oh well. I decided to order from Simon’s in Montreal, who cost slightly more, but are willing to take Visa. They’ll charge my card only when they ship the lens. They expect to get the lens in 5 days and ship it then. Now, the waiting begins. :bounce: