You know, people always used to tell me, “Don’t work so hard. You’ll burn out!” and I didn’t really listen, because everything I was doing, I felt like I had to be doing. So working 60-80 hours per week was normal to me, as well as trying to make time for fun as well. I survived it and actually felt like I was actually thriving on it too. I certainly got a lot of shit done.

Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling burned out. Not because I’m exceptionally busy, because I’m not, really. I mean, I’ve had bursts of busyness, like at the improv festival last week. But on the whole, things are pretty easy for me. I work very little to get by, and could probably afford to take a few months off if I really felt like it. But I don’t believe this is good for me. I think that I’ve got some momentum and I should be carrying it through to whatever projects I want to accomplish next. Yet, I can’t shake the laziness. I’ve been kind of cruising on bare-minimum mode in the last few months. There are things I should be doing that I’m not. Like getting my passport up-to-date so I can travel, and redoing my websites for The Mouse Academy and photography so they’re actually relevant, and preparing for my exhibition in October, and a million other tiny, nagging things too.

Maybe writing this is enough of a kickstart to get me moving. Maybe not. But putting it down “on paper” is the first step… :nod: