Ok. I think I’ve fully recovered from last week’s Toronto International Improv Festival, which ended on Sunday night. It was a blast, but extraordinarily exhausting. Shooting all the mainstage shows, doing two morning photoshoots throughout the week, trying to be timely by uploading the photos to the festival gallery, as well as taking classes and trying to deal with my “day job” at the same time were somewhat overwhelming. For most of the week, my schedule was packed from 8am to 4am. I think I disappeared from everything else in my life that wasn’t completely mandatory. It was like travelling to an alternate universe. At the same time, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I got to train and hang out with some of the most respected improvisors in the world. I met some new friends, and made some great contacts. I also refined my stage photography techniques, which pushed me and my camera to new levels. 🙂