The title refers to one of my characters from tonight’s show. I was the hyperactive kid who broke things by bodyslamming them. I got a little bit carried away with it, and was taking a full run at things, diving on them while screaming, “BODYSLAM!!” It was fun to do. I did it three times throughout the show, in different scenes. The first one was an empty chair, containing an imaginary mannequin. The second time was KPR as he sat in a chair giving a lecture to the audience on TV violence. The final time, I bodyslammed a guy who was pretending to be dead on the floor. As I was in midair, I thought, “Oh shit. I’m gonna crush this guy when I land on him!” So, I put down my knee and landed on it. The guy, being dead, had his eyes closed and wasn’t expecting the bodyslam at all. He went, “UNF!” because I guess I didn’t manage to take ALL of the weight off. Anyway, my knee feels a bit dented right now. I think it might give me some problems tomorrow. But, it was all worth it. :nod:

Tonight I drank a large double-double from Tim Hortons. I usually don’t drink coffee. Actually, I never drink coffee. It messes with my brain. But, tonight it seemed right. Jen never drinks any hot drinks of any kind, but she has somehow become addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. So, Jen and Arttu and I walked to Tim Hortons and bought coffees. It’s 2:42 and I’m still wired from it. Hopefully I’ll be sleeping by the time the caffeine/sugar crash happens.