I woke up an hour late today, which actually didn’t turn out to be too much of a problem, considering I was supposed to be in Toronto around the time I climbed out of the shower. I called my client on the way to Toronto and apologized profusely. She had to go out, but left the key to her office with the security desk. I went in and did the work quickly. Then I headed off to visit one of my suppliers in Markham. Being the dumbass that I’ve grown to be, I forgot how to get there, even though I’ve been going there regularly for the last eight years. How old do you have to be before going senile? I may have set a new record. Anyway, after driving back from Pickering where I ended up, I found my supplier right where I’d left it last time I was there. I was returning some damaged parts for exchange, and I’d filled out the paperwork incorrectly, so they wouldn’t replace the parts on the spot. I had to wait an extra 30 minutes while I reordered new parts and had my order approved by the credit department. Silliness. After that I had delicious sushi lunch with Hesi, which made it all better. :dance:

The drive home was pretty long, but I had good music to listen to, and I made a stop at the Hiker’s Haven store on Trafalger to look at tents. I’ve been really thinking about sleeping under the stars lately, but I think I’ll wait until fall so the tents go on sale. $400 for the smallest good-quality tent seems kind of steep to me.

Tonight I went out and put up posters to advertise our shows at the theatre. It was actually more fun than I thought it would be. We felt like a rock band taping posters to telephone poles and other public places.

So as requested, the things I would like to do on vacation, and not necessarily on the same vacation either:

– use some of my accumulated American Express points to get a nice hotel room somewhere and vegetate for a weekend
– camp under the stars (I think I mentioned that already)
– lie on a beach and be served cold drinks
– swim in the ocean
– sail a boat
– have incredible sex with someone special
– forget about stuff for a while