I got in my car this afternoon to go pick up my big prints (20×30) from The Pixel Place. There was a voicemail message on my phone, which I had forgotten in there overnight. The message was from Laura Hollick, a reporter from View Magazine who also does a radio show on the McMaster University radio station. Anyway, she saw my poster for the show at the Staircase Theatre, and wants to do a magazine article and a radio interview with me. She sent me a followup email to explain the details:

Hi Kevin

thanks for getting back to me so promptly

it was such a pleasure to look through the images on your web page, you’ve
done some wonderful work!!congratultions

i am interested in doing a live radio interview with you as well as writing
about your show for View Magazine

the radio show is called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’ on 93.3FM CFMU
it is live every tuesday between 5:30-6:00pm, guests arrive at 5:00pm

i’ve been hosting the show for over 7 years, and it takes a casual
conversation style, it is professional and relaxing, lots of fun!!

during our brief phone conversation you thought Oct. 5th would be okay, but
when you get home could you check and confirm that date

Oct. 5, you’ll need to be at the station at 5:00
we are located on the McMaster University Campus, in the New Student Centre,
room B(for basement) 119, look for our sign CFMU
if you need directions to the university, let me know

The rest of the email is sample questions for the interview and stuff. I’m pretty excited about it… mmmm exposure.

Anyway, I got to the Pixel Place and saw the prints. I literally stopped breathing because they are so beautiful. I was expecting them to be impressive because they’re big. But I couldn’t believe how good they look. Needless to say, I’m very happy with them. If you ever want big prints done, go there for sure. :nod: