“What?” you say, “Two journal entries in less than an hour?” Don’t get used to it. It’s just that I meant to attach this thought to the previous entry, but since my brain is on overtime right now, it’s not working as hard as it should. I forgot to write this down.

It’s about the CSI marathon on Spike TV. Jen had it on from 11PM last night until Spike went off air at 3AM. Then she turned it on as soon as she woke up at 10AM. It’s still on now (just after midnight). Spike TV will be daisy-chaining CSI episodes all day and all night, every day for the entire week. The only break in the CSI marathon is on Thursday night when they’re showing one episode of a CSI-related documentary show.

I find this absolutely amazing. CSI is a pretty good show, but Spike TV is showing what I would call fanatical commitment to it. How many networks would risk alienating a big portion of their audience by showing only one show continuously for an entire week? It seems like the kind of decision that is made by a group of extremely drunk improvisors, but would never make it to reality. I know! I’ve been there! But I really respect it. They are confident that the show is good, and they’re willing to put their network on the line for it.

I’m not sure how this applies to my life, but I’m sure it does somehow. I guess if I believe in something, I keep hitting on it over and over again. Yeah that must be what it is. Ok time to sleep. :nod: