Ok so I finally settled on a framing place. It wasn’t the cheapest, but the frames were nice and I trusted the guy to do a good job. He seemed competent and was able to explain the pricing to me without making my head explode. Anyway, it cost about $980 after taxes to have all the framing done. I know I could have saved a bit by going to the Iranian guy, or somewhere else in the city, but after all is said and done, this guy is just down the street from here, the frames look good, and the price is competitive. More importantly, I don’t have to think about it any more. 🙂

This is the final list for the show.

Title Size
Eclipse 20×30
Summer Fades 20×30
Upreach 20×30
Femme Elemental 1 8×10
Femme Elemental 3 8×10
Illuminati 8×10
Pastime 8×10
Suggestive Fruit 8×10
Duck Da Da 8×10
Flanked 8×10
Floating Leaf 8×10
Girderwalker 8×10
The Photographer 8×10
Water Boy 8×10
End of the Tunnel 8×12
I Feel Like This 8×12
Melancholy Autumn 8×12
Merging 8×12
Slippery Slope 8×12
Thinking Softly 8×12
Battle of the Falls 8×12
First Trimester 8×12
Landscape of Denial 8×12
Martini Show 8×12
Rapture 8×12
Third Trimester 8×12
Duck Da Da Card
Water Boy Card
Merging Card
Girderwalker Card
Flanked Card
Summer Fades Card

Next… greeting cards… :nod: