Hmmm.. What’s been happening… lots of stuff I guess. I ordered the greeting cards from Future Photo. Sucks that they’ll have the Future Photo logo on the back, but the price is pretty much unbeatable, and I expect them to be pretty good quality too. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I’m considering getting new business cards printed before the end of the week to reflect my new phone number, website and email address. But since all of my old contact information still works, there’s little impetus to actually do it.

I started Level 2 of the Impatient Theatre Company’s longform improv training. It’s good to be in a levels-based class again to improve my skills. Occassional workshops are good, but having a steady group of classmates is helpful, as is the structure of the program. I felt I did good, physical work today, and played with some newish characters. I didn’t do anything too groundbreaking, but I felt like I had a good workout. The other people in my class are very cool. Everyone’s different, but contributes equally to the class. The mix is extremely positive. There are four of us from last year’s Level 1 class, and four from another Level 1 class. Of course, I feel very close to the people I knew from last year, and I’m familiar with their styles and abilities. But, we’re quickly learning about the “new” people too. That’s part of the fun. I think we will all grow together quite well as a group over the next couple of months. It should be a great ride. :bounce:

Tonight I played in the Saturday Night Jive show. It was a pretty good show overall. The audience was mainly university students, I think. They were very demanding and made us work for their approval. Sometimes an audience made up of a lot of improvisors can be rather “easy” because they laugh at some of the inside stuff, or realize stuff about the scene that’s only funny to people who know what to look for. Playing to “normal” people was a shot of reality, but I think we did quite well by doing some very intelligent scenes and regularly putting ourselves at risk. It was a good feeling. :nod: