I’ve found another reason to distrust the weather reports.

Current weather in Hamilton, Ontario
Clear. Fog.

See, I have never believed in weather forecasts. They can’t get anything right, even the current conditions. They seem to have a lot of fancy hardware and computer graphics to back up their claims about the future, but more times than not, they’re wrong. I guess “Clear. Fog.” is their way of covering all the bases. But we’re too savvy to be fooled by this kind of double-talk, aren’t we? We’re not living in Orwell’s 1984, Mr. Weatherman! Get over it!

Ok. I’m fine now. Yesterday I did a ton of things. I think I’m getting over my unmotivated state. I prepared a whole bunch of stuff for my exhibition, including a webpage about it. I even made an evite and sent it out. If any of you (all three of you) who read this journal didn’t get the evite, let me know and I’ll send it to you. I put a lot of people on the list, and I don’t trust my brain not to have forgotten anyone. I took some simple photos of bamboo too. I’ll probably include at least one in the show.