So today I found out that one of my friends has changed his name to an entirely different name. This is because he’s not happy with having his stepfather’s last name. I didn’t quite get why he changed his first name too, but I suppose he figured he might as well do a complete job of it. I’ll ask him for the reason later.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how important our names are, and how they define us. I was never crazy about the name “Kevin”, mainly because most of the Kevins in movies and on TV were losers. The only Kevin I kind of liked was the one from The Wonder Years. I could identify with that guy.

I liked my last name though. It seemed quite unique, yet was easy enough to spell. Good marketing potential. 😀 Would I have turned out differently if my name was Michael Shing Kwok or John Lin Soo? Probably I’d be a dentist by now.

Now that my friend has changed his name completely, we are expected to just start using his new one, and forget about the old one. It’s almost as if someone died. I keep catching myself trying to use his old name, and then when I say his new name instead, it feels like I’m overcompensating. I guess I’ll get used to it eventually.

My installation of Windows XP decided to die yesterday. Actually, it didn’t just die: it was murdered. Murdered by Microsoft forcing me to install Service Pack 2, which is supposed to be bug fixes. Anyway, it resulted in Windows becoming unbootable. This turned out to be quite inconvenient, given the huge pile of work I was supposed to do yesterday. I reinstalled it, and have begun reinstalling all of my other software too. This isn’t my favorite procedure, and it feels like a failure. I’m usually able to fix anything computer-related, so having to reinstall Windows on my own machine is slightly humiliating. Anyway, now that everything is fresh and new, I’m in the process of discovering the things that I had before and now I’m missing. Fonts. I’m figuring that out about fonts right now.

In other news, I have broken the seal on getting ready for my elemental exhibition. I had been procrastinating like crazy, but yesterday I finally took some photos up to a place to have them printed at 20×30. I wasn’t sure how long it would take, so it was important that I got them there by yesterday. Today I took a walk to the framing place. The guy there could hardly speak any English (he’s from Iran), but I managed to find a frame style I liked, so I’ll bring the prints there next week. There’s a lot of money to be spent on printing and framing soon. I hope this pays off…