Wow things have been busy lately. And by lately I mean yesterday and today. I guess Labour Day is the signal for everyone to snap out of summer slowness mode and get back to work. So, I’ve had tons of computer work to do in the last couple of days. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t mind the work.

What’s been bugging me recently is the huge boom of the low carb diet craze. It seems to be touching every aspect of advertising these days. Companies are jumping on the low carb bandwagon with amazing rapidity. Every fast food company seems to have a low carb menu. Usually it just means serving the hamburger patty with no bun and no toppings. 7-11 has little stickers on their hot dog roaster bragging about the low carb content of their hot dogs. I even saw an ad today for a fibre supplement that asked, “If you’re on a low carb diet, where are you getting your fibre?” It’s scary to me that people actually think that they’re being healthy by eating these things. The hot dogs are low in carbs because they’re made entirely of fat. And if you need your fibre from a pill, your diet is deficient. People (especially men) love the low carb diet because it lets them eat lots of fatty foods and meat guilt free. But seriously. It is proven fact that this is a great way to develop heart problems and increase your risk of having a stroke. I hope common sense takes hold and kills this ridiculous fad before people start dying.