I just got back from Montreal and I’m exhausted. I need another weekend! The party was insane fun though. I spent most of Saturday helping to dress up the party room, including hiding lights above the ventilation system so it glowed orange, attaching black lights to the ceiling and then stringing fake cobwebs everywhere that would glow purple under the black light, and stuffing clothing to look like dead bodies to hang from the ceiling near the entrance. People were brought up to the party in the freight elevator with all the lights turned out. They were let out into a darkened hallway with a strobe light and smoke machine and scary decorations (tombstones, hanging bodies, hanging sheets sprayed with blood, etc.). When they got into the party space itself it was all wild and crazy dancing and music accompanied by free booze. Apparently 250 people showed up for this year’s party. We danced until 5AM. Everyone was dressed up. I bought stuff from Value Village and dressed up as a ping pong champion in tight yellow and blue shorts, a tight t-shirt, wrist bands, sweat band and knee socks with blue stripes. I carried a ping pong paddle everywhere. I looked like such a loser! It was fun.

Not so much fun was waking up this morning. I think I was suffering from alcohol poisoning, which caused me to hug the toilet for quite a few hours before I was finally strong enough to make the drive home. Anyway, it’s great to visit Montreal, but it’s just as good to be home. :nod: