I signed up for a portfolio at portfolios.com. I remember seeing the site about a year ago. A couple different people told me I should get a portfolio there because it’s free, but I never bothered. Anyway, sometimes it takes me time to realize something’s a good thing. I was trying different searches for portrait and headshot photographers in Hamilton, and these portfolios.com links kept showing up pretty close to the top. When I went to portfolios.com, I found only a few photographers listed from Hamilton. It just made sense for me to sign up.

There are a couple of things I’m starting to do to build my professional photography business now. I guess I’m feeling a bit more comfortable with the idea of selling photography. I’m going to approach a few medium-sized galleries soon, now that I’ve had a couple of small galleries show my stuff. I’m also going to be more effective at networking. I talked to this Hollywood makeup and hair guy I met at Nada’s play last week and mentioned that I do photography. He seemed interested in collaborating on some things. Anyway, he phoned yesterday, so I called him back tonight and left a message. Who knows? Maybe it will turn into some work. 🙂