What do you mean it’s not over yet? It seems like it’s been a long couple of days. I had my gallery opening on Friday night. I was very happy with how it all turned out. There was quite a lot of work leading up to it, so now I feel like I can relax just a little bit. Or maybe not.

Today was a busy day. I went to Toronto this morning and had an improv class. The class focused on monologues. There are truthful monologues, and character monologues. The truthful ones come from the improvisor’s own life experience and are based on true events. The character ones are completely made up. They start with a simple suggestion from the audience. A chain of monologues can be strung together, with each new monologue being influenced by the one before it. So, I’m going to do a series of monologues in my blog. You can decide whether or not you think they are truthful or character. :nod: I’ll need a few suggestions from the audience (you)… Just shout out a random word in a comment and I’ll go from there.

After the improv class I went to a baby party for Leigh. It wasn’t as horrible as I had expected, although I managed to arrive too late to experience the “baby food testing game” and the other lame baby shower games. Who knows what I might have thought of the baby party if I had been forced to test strained peas. 😐 I managed to skip out of the thing before the next game began too. I pride myself on having excellent timing.

Tonight I went to see Nada in the final show of Theatre Burlington’s production of The Glass Managerie. It’s a play by Tennessee Williams. The play was very well done. It was a story about a family adjusting to change. Nada played the painfully shy daughter Laura, whose mother was desperately trying to find her a “gentleman caller” who would marry her. I found Nada’s performance very moving, and quietly tragic. Very good stuff. :nod:

Anyway, I’m now exhausted. Give me your random word suggestions for monologues and I’ll get started on them! 🙂