Jen is on her way back to Finland. I took her to the airport today, after extensive and strenuous packing adventures. She accumulated a vast array of stuff while here, which necessitated shipping two boxes of things that wouldn’t fit into her luggage. I was kind of emotional today. I’m going to miss her a lot. She was the biggest part of my life for the last half of a year. It was fun and comforting coming home to a trusted friend and confidant with whom I could share the minutia of my day. I find myself feeling surprised that what I initially felt would last forever seemed to end rather suddenly. I am very close to this quiet girl, even though our hug goodbye was only the second hug since I met her in June. The first hug was when I picked her up at the airport. I had to fight back tears as I watched her turn towards the security check before the boarding gates.

Anyway, the place feels very empty now. I spent the evening moving things back to how they were before. Like winding the clock back for daylight savings time, I’ve turned another corner in my life.