I think I went about 14 years without getting sick, and now for the last two years I’ve been getting sick at least once a year. What’s up with that? Anyway, right now it’s a bit of a mild cold of some kind. I have some daggery sharp feelings in my throat, and my head feels a bit floaty. I took a Neo Citran which is the best thing ever. It’s a hot lemon drink laced with cold and flu medication. It makes you all hot and sleepy. I’m fighting it right now, which makes me think that this would be the best time to write a journal entry.

Lately I’ve been thinking about photography a lot more than I’ve actually been doing it. I have a shoot on Friday with Max. Actually both Jen and I will be shooting Max. He’s a black guy in great physical shape, so I’ll be doing some bodyscape stuff with him. I accidentally met a female friend of his, also black, the other day. She’s got a great body too, so I invited her to participate in the shoot. If I can get the two of them together in a shot I’ll be very happy. We’ll see how it goes.

My latest photo on dA was technically very difficult for me. I’ve been doing things that have been too easy lately, and I needed to challenge myself. My challenge was to make a photo that had complex light but looked simple in the end. I tried it with simple light at first, and it wouldn’t turn out how I wanted. In the end, I had made a snoot out of two silver reflectors taped together, then some tinfoil, and covered the whole thing in black cloth. I used two gridded flashes to provide top and back lighting. My new radio remote control came in extremely handy. With each light being directional, there’s no way this shoot would have worked without it.

Anyway, I think the Neo Citran is winning. My eyelids feel like they’re made of lead. Time to sleep. :nod: