Well Jen is leaving next Sunday, so reality is setting in. My beloved roommate and I will return to our solo lives in less than a week. So, we’ve got a busy week ahead, cramming in all of those things we said we’d do before the six months was up, but had left until the last minute. There are movies to be watched, places to go, and photos to shoot. Tonight we spent about three hours shooting the last of the vampire photos. This was a very difficult one. We wanted it to be the best of the three. Coming up with an idea that didn’t look too similar to the others, yet retained a similar mood and contiguous story was no small task. The teamwork aspect of this photo was even more important than the others. There were lots of ideas flying back and forth, and several moments of frustration and eye rolling on both of our parts. 😛 After a couple of hours, both of us began to feel satisfied with the results we were getting. And now that it is done, I can say that I think it’s a worthy finale for our trilogy. When it finally comes out of the suzi9mm Photoshop machine, you will get to judge for yourself. 🙂

After the shoot, we watched Trainspotting. This was a movie that I have never seen but always wanted to. I must say it was pretty cool. I need to learn to do a Scottish accent like those guys have… 😀