Last night we had a mini movie marathon. Jen, KPR, Nada and I were in attendance for the event. 😛 It was a very long day for me, so I didn’t last for the entire thing, but here are the movies we watched:

The Bourne Supremacy – Pretty cool for an action movie. The car chase was intense. Matt Damon’s character handed out some some serious ass-kicking too. This is not an exclusive gripe aimed at the Bourne Supremacy, but computers in movies still annoy me. Why do they have to make little beeepy beeepy noises whenever something changes on the screen? I think anyone who uses computers a lot turns off the sounds, like Windows making a whooshy spaceship sound every time you click on a menu. :eyeroll:

Open Water – This was a dumb movie. It had lots of filler, and not much substance. It wasn’t even creepy or scary really. Even this many words is too many to waste on Open Water, so I’ll stop now.

Shaun of the Dead – Definitely my favorite movie of the night. This is a clever British spoof of zombie movies, particularly Dawn of the Dead. It was well written, directed and acted, with likeable characters and a good-natured mood throughout.

Noi Albinoi – I must admit that I wanted to like this one, but couldn’t. It’s an Icelandic film. Very artsy. The whole thing looked cross processed so it had some very odd colors… Scenes were tinted mostly blue and green. It was extraordinarily slow. To make matters worse, the subtitling was almost subliminal, flashing two or three sentences on screen for about 2 seconds. It was pretty difficult to concentrate hard enough to pick that up at that point in the night.

King Arthur – I was weakened by Noi Albinoi, so this one put me under. King Arthur is a historical fiction along the lines of Braveheart and Gladiator but not as good. It had the glossy look and nice lighting/costuming of a high-budget film. But it was lacking something. The characters were not terribly strong, and they spent a lot of time talking about fighting and talking about doing stuff rather than just doing it. I fell asleep a few times during this film, so I decided to just go to bed instead.