It was a nice weekend. I had improv class on Saturday, which was therapeutic. We each got very good critique on our scenes, and tried to not only break bad habits but come up with new and better ones. I saw Closer on Saturday night, which is extremely thought-provoking and powerful.

This upcoming week will be seriously challenging I think. I’m almost completely booked already, and I haven’t even checked my business line phone messages yet. 😐 Tomorrow I’m doing bill payments and preparing systems for a network installation on Tuesday, then at night I have rehearsal for Thursday night’s Improv Survivor show. On Tuesday I have the network installation I talked about earlier. Then I have the Santa Smackdown show at night. On Wednesday I have a couple of business tax payments to make and a photoshoot in late afternoon/early evening in Smithville. It’s a Christmas portrait session with two kids. On Thursday I’m working on Laura’s website during the day and have the Improv Survivor show at night. On Friday I have a client Christmas party in afternoon and early evening. I think Christmas shopping might not get done until the 23rd again this year. 😛