Everything today pretty much went as it was supposed to go, which is a relief, since there was so much stuff to do. I could see everything falling into place. But I definitely had to keep on my toes. In addition to all the stuff I expected to be doing, I got hit with a couple of pretty good surprises. First of all, I was made a Gallery Director for Photography in dA today. 🙂 That will be fun. It should transform some of my pointless surfing into more useful surfing. Also, I got a call from a lady who wants a family portrait of five generations. I was concerned I wouldn’t have room for this in my studio, but since it’s only five people, including a baby, it should be no sweat. Thanks for the lead on this one Manyk! I also got a call from another pregnant woman who wants photos. I booked these things for the next couple of weeks. It’ll be great to have a break at Christmas!