forbes Today was like a sandwich. Or it should have been anyway. The bread was made up of my passions, and the middle by my work. The first piece of bread was my morning photo shoot. It was a family of five people, spanning five generations. I think I mentioned it in a previous post. Anyway, the photos I ended up enjoying the most from the shoot were of the extreme ends of the family: great great grandmother and newborn baby. Shooting big groups of people isn’t my thing. My style leans towards the intimate examination of unique subject matter, and groups of people seem too diluted. My attention-deficit crippled brain has a hard time dealing with the complexity. It’s something I need to get over though, and I’ll work at it whenever I get the chance. Already I feel more comfortable shooting two people at a time. There was a time when I found that quite difficult. Five was a big jump for me though. 🙂

The evening piece of bread was the Wednesday night drop-in improv class that I taught. I covered a couple of topics, including environment and endowing scene partners. The wide variance in skill levels in the drop-in class makes this a difficult seminar to teach. I knew I wasn’t going to change the world of improv in this class. People had fun, and that’s what counts I think. I also had a really nice experience in that a lady came up to me in the cafe before the class to tell me that she really enjoyed my performance in last Thursday’s Improv Survivor show. None of us gets into improv to get rich, so feeling appreciated can often make it all seem worthwhile.

The middle of the sandwich was supposed to be work. Not a lot of that happened today. I think I’m in holiday mode right now, which is a shame because there’s a lot of stuff to do. In my logical brain, I decided that I’d do a lot of work during the holidays, since I’ll be away for all of February. I need to buffer myself with money and goodwill from customers if I’m going to enjoy my time away in any kind of stress-free fashion. Logical brain has very little say in things if emotional brain feels like taking some time off. I guess I’ll pull it together when the time comes. :nod: