New Year’s Eve was a pretty quiet thing this year, which is more than alright with me. I think my days of big, expensive celebrations are over. I went to a quiet party at Laura and Gary Reid’s place tonight. It was just a few of us improvisors in attendance, and when you get together with drunken improvisors, anything can happen. We played Pictionary, made balloon animals and other obscene objects out of those long balloons, jammed on keyboards, guitars and bass, and generally had a good time. For the most part, clothing remained on our bodies, except for the ocassional and all-too frequent flashing of KPR’s boobs, and Fiona, who mooned us all on her way out the door.

Not surprisingly, 2005 feels exactly like 2004 did. Today will be a quiet day. Hesi is leaving for France in just a few hours. Soon she’ll get to enjoy genuine French manicures, French doors, French’s Prepared Mustard, French fries… Say bon voyage to her!