Crazy Eights

Just in case there are improvisors reading this blog that don’t read the Staircase General Improv mailing list, I’ll repost my message here.

Nada Jovic and I are producing a longform show at the Staircase called Crazy Eights. The shows are scheduled for March 25 and 26, and April 22 and 23. They’re prime nights at the Staircase… Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM.

I’m looking for a cast of about 10 improvisors to play in these shows. Participation will involve a couple of brief rehearsals to go over the format as well as helping to promote it. After all, it’s way more fun to play when there’s a packed house.

Who’s willing to help us prove that improv deserves to be on stage? Email me directly if you accept this gift!