I had a disturbingly vivid dream last night. I dreamed that I was flying home from Chicago, and the plane was coming in for a landing in Toronto, flying over Lake Ontario. Yes, I realize this is not geographically accurate. 😛 Looking out the window, I noticed the plane was flying dangerously low. I could hear the engines labouring and the pilot had the nose of the plane up, trying to make it climb. However it was still descending, and it stalled. The tail end of the plane hit the water first, and the rear part of the fuselage snapped off, right behind where I was sitting. I decided that I’d rather be in the water than in the plane when the rest of it hit, so I let myself fall backwards into the water. After being dunked into the lake, I swam to the surface. I was treading water and looking at the wreckage of the plane all around. I noticed there was a baby floating on top of the water and I went to rescue it. Holding the baby above the water, I started to swim towards the shore. Then I felt some hands grab my ankles underwater. It was another passenger who had been thrown into the water and was trying to get to the surface. However, he was pulling me under in his panic to get to the top. I was being dragged deeper and deeper. I tried to keep holding the baby above the water, but soon I was too deep to do so. I knew I was going to drown. At this point, I realized I was dreaming, and I struggled to wake up. Eventually I did wake up, but not before gasping for a deep breath that would have been fatal if it was real. 😐

Usually I don’t remember my dreams. Even if I write them down, they don’t make sense when I go back and look at the notes. But this one really stuck with me. I hope it doesn’t mean anything bad for me. 🙁