Consider these facts:

a) I have a spare set of car keys in my condo.
b) I have a spare set of condo keys in my car.

Then consider me going out tonight to improv class. The car was covered in ice and snow, so I turned it on to warm it up, got out the snow brush and proceeded to brush snow off the car. At some point I realized that the it would be easier if I turned on the defroster to melt the ice on the mirrors and the back window. This is when I discovered that the doors were all locked.

So, I continued to brush snow off the car while I planned my next course of action. The car was locked and running. The cell phone was in my car. All the keys for my condo were also in my car. I thought about smashing the window. Messy. I thought about going to a payphone to call a towtruck to jimmy the lock. Expensive, slow and not guaranteed to work. I thought about sitting in front of the tailpipe and poisoning myself with carbon monoxide. Overreacting and I’d miss my trip to Thailand.

Fortuntately, my neighbour was home. I buzzed her to let me into the building and I called the building manager to come over with the master key and let me in. He was really good about it. It only took him eight minutes to get to my place and let me in, and he had a smile on his face.

I got the spare key to the car, and went downstairs. I had a minor panic attack when I realized that the spare key was actually the spare key for my old car, which I no longer have. However, the keyless entry thing still worked. That was lucky, since the reason I had put that spare keyless entry thing away several years ago was because the battery was dying. Thankfully it had at least one more unlock in it. I made it to improv class only 30 minutes late. Bonus: my car was very warmed up by the time I got back in. 🙂

That’s my dumbness story for the day. :slow: